Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The things we do for love

Mo must be in love because there is no way He'd ever let me do that to him and get photographic evidence. Enjoy the sight of his lovely soft and silky black hair that he loved for his mum to play with - cause it's GONE! Yep - Uncle Sam has done away with my baby's pretty hair as of this morning. We sent him to Texas for bootcamp this morning with hugs and smiles. The tears came later - did you think I was made of stone?Darn kid was as excited as if he were going to summer camp. Poor SGF/DDILTB is left at home to pine for him. Isn't she pretty? We love her.
This is what happens when Mo mugs for himself. Messy - Just like the basement that I've spent the day cleaning when I could have been moping and knitting. The longer I cleaned the gladder I was that he was gone because I might have strangled him if he was home.
On a happier note the Little league baseball team from Warner Robins, Ga won the LLWS against Japan. All I've got to say is that for two years running we've gotten some payback for that damn Kudzu that's taking over the south. And my Vols play California on Saturday. Now I'm going to go console myself ; chocolate or alcohol? Maybe a chocolate martini? MMMM decisions.

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