Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Too blinking hot

It is 9:30 PM and I just looked at the thermometer as I was waiting for the dog to have his evening constitutional. See ? Big word and it sounds lots better than - well , what he was actually doing. But dudes - it was 90 degrees! When I walked out of work at 7:30 and got in my car the thermometer said 95. And this was in a covered parking deck. It felt like walking into an oven. I guess with the relatively mild summer we've had so far we've turned into a bunch of weenies. Still - 90 degrees! It was a crazy day at work - 11 kids in 12 hours - obviously someone was slacking off one of those hours ( probably me - hee) but overall not a bad day. Lots of little annoyances - no big disasters. There has been no knitting accomplished for 2 days however. Heck there was no lunch accomplished today unless you count inhaling cafeteria food in between episodes of poking my hand in strangers' nether regions. Said hand was washed numerous times, both before and after touching the cafeteria food if that makes you feel better. I leave you with a sad alpaca waiting to be invited to Ravelry. It looks like so much fun - I want to play too.

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theyarnwhisperer said...

what the hell is up with this heat anyway? I'm really thinking of relocating to Alaska or someplace where the thermometer peaks out at no more than 80 degrees. Besides, how are we supposed to wear sweaters down here if the temperature keeps creeping towards normal body temperature?!