Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's gone!

That's right. You heard it here first. My sock-knitting mojo is Poof - gone. I picked up the sock. I admired the nice neat rows of perfect ( somewhat) stitches. I put it right back down again and picked up a sweater which I knit happily on for the better part of an hour. Then I put that down and ( gasp) picked up a book, which was not about knitting. I have lost all desire to fondle DPN's at the moment. It is a scary thing. I will go watch TV until I get better. For I surely must be ill.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Before and After

I'm home again and back to work and all the drudgery that comes with it. Grocery shopping, calling the wireless company and wrangling about the bill and what have you. It was sooooo good to see my boy, even without hair. This is before bootcamp - No haircut for 6 months...
This is after BMT ( Basic Military training)
He had more hair when he was born. The AH complains that the medical profession is way too into using acronyms ( STAT, PRN, QD) After one weekend with AirForce Boy I don't think he'll be griping at me anymore. Everywhere I turned it was A1C ( airman 1st class) BDU ( Battle dress uniform) BX, KP or a bunch more that I can't remember. Anyway - not much knitting got done in spite of honest effort. It went along for the ride. The feather and fan sock is more well-traveled than most people I know. I have finally turned the heel and much swearing and frogging was required - now is the fun part. Just working my pattern til the leg is a decent length and cranking out the mate. I'm feeling the urge to start another baby sweater - I picked up some "boy colors" today in the midst of all my other errands. Hey a girl has to reward herself for bringing home the toothpaste and laundry detergent doesn't she? I also got to have lunch with a dear friend - my face hurts from laughing but we didn't get thrown out of the restaurant this time so that's progress. And a special thanks to AMY for her quick response and good info. Great blog template by the way.
There is water coming from the sky today - I think I've forgotten what rain is. Atlanta is DRY and Georgia is fighting the Feds to keep water in our lakes from going to Alabama and Florida. Not that they don't appreciate our water, but our lawns have been dead since July and they get to keep watering theirs? And I'm all for protecting endangered species but hello, they are getting rain. We aren't. I know it's asking a lot but can we get just a little common sense from our government?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Got my Invite

I got my Ravelry invite. Finally. Even though it is a giant time suck, I'm having a grand time poking around and seeing what everyone else is doing. Is it just me or does everyone else on the planet actually have more free time than I do? I'm done with work for the week. Can I get a whoo hoo here? And I'm taking off on Thursday to see number one son graduate from boot camp. I can't wait to see my big bald baby. And when I get done hugging him I'm going to kick his sorry butt for only writing his mama once in the last 6 weeks. Kids. No pics today. Busy busy. More next week. Maybe. I hope.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Top Ten

Since I am not loving my place of employment so much these days I thought I'd write about some of the more absurd things that I have seen, heard or experienced in nineteen plus years of delivering babies. This will mostly encompass the appalling ignorance that much of the population seems to walk around in.

  1. "Is labor going to hurt?" - Yes, it is going to hurt more than you could have ever dreamed it possibly could. If it felt good we wouldn't call it labor. We'd call it party or picnic to more accurately reflect it's festive nature. It occurs to me that the people who ask this( and God help me, I've heard it more than once) have never worked a day in their spoiled little lives and have no concept of what LABOR is.
  2. Showing up in the labor and delivery unit on the " due date" with labor nowhere on the horizon - There is a reason this is called the estimated day of delivery. Please stay home until you can locate one or more brain cells to bring with you to the hospital. This may be a while. we'll wait.
  3. "I lost my mucous plug" - We haven't seen it. Please go away now. Perhaps if you looked under the bed?
  4. " I'm here to have my labor seduced" - Trust me - the seduction is long over.
  5. " I'm supposed to have a c-section because I have fireballs in my eucharist" - Could you possibly mean Fibroids in your Uterus? Maybe if you hadn't been glued to your cell phone in the Dr's office you would have heard what the provider said. Go buy some Q-tips and give Verizon a rest.
  6. ( after having a catheter placed) " Now how will the baby get out?" - OMG - What was I thinking? How Will the baby get out? Labor is a bad time for an anatomy lesson - just trust me on this one.
  7. " The baby keeps pulling on the unbiblical cord and it makes my belly-button hurt" - shaking my finger at the patient's belly - Stop that you bad bad baby
  8. " My water keeps breaking - does this mean I'm going to have a 'dry birth' ?" - no it means the baby left the faucet running. Stop wasting water.
  9. " I don't want an epidural - I'm scared of needles" - this from a person with several large tattoos .
  10. And my favorite. " When will you poke the holes in my nipples so I can breastfeed?"