Wednesday, May 30, 2007


'What" will your obituary say?' at
Can we get a little rain down here? Atlanta has been thirsty for weeks. Oh we've had some little showers but I'm talking about a serious, hide in the basement, the sky is falling thunderstorm. The fires in South Georgia have been burning for a month and the smoke and haze are terrible. But it does make for some beautiful sunrises & sunsets. I took a pic with my phone on the way to work this morning but the magic of technology is not happening for me tonight so maybe next time. In the meantime. Pray for rain and don't listen to me when I gripe about getting it

Sunday, May 27, 2007

And so it begins

I have had a lifelong dream to write and publish a great work of literature. Unfortunately, I have neither the talent nor patience to produce such a work. Therefore , I will content myself with musings on life, family and knitting in this delightful forum.
I am the proud, if often frustrated mother of handsome teenaged sons, who will be referred to hereafter as Mo & Larry; and the wife of a tolerant and dry-humoured hubby.
Today I have enjoyed spending time with all my children ( this includes Mo's sweet girlfriend)and the adorable hubby having a family lunch and attending Mo's baccalaureate service as he graduates high school next week. Did I mention how incredibly handsome he looked in his new suit and tie? This Mama was proud. Larry balked at any tie wearing. Now that I think about it, I can't really blame him . Who would want to put a noose around their neck? He managed to look quite becoming in dress slacks and a polo. The baccaluareate service was short and edifying and the kids are off to swim in SGF's pool and then to the movies.
I, on the other hand get to play with my new blog toy, make some homemade chicken & dumplings, and KNIT! The toughest decision will be which of my myriad projects to work on. The bribery socks ( promised to a coworker for favors to be rendered at a later date) the never-ending sweater ( for Larry) , the soothing baby blanket in a wonderful creamy cotton ( for the bereavement committee at work), the lacy prayer shawl of a positively evil homespun yarn. I hope my muttered cursing doesn't screw up the effectiveness of the prayers. This shawl may never come to fruition. I am sincerely debating returning this wicked, wicked yarn to the LYS as this shawl is the fourth ( yes fourth) project I have attempted with it. If it ever comes to be , my darling Gran will be the recipient. So I am off to cook, and knit and possibly snuggle my hubby. Happy Memorial day to all and heartfelt thanks to those for whom we celebrate this day