Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The things we do for love

Mo must be in love because there is no way He'd ever let me do that to him and get photographic evidence. Enjoy the sight of his lovely soft and silky black hair that he loved for his mum to play with - cause it's GONE! Yep - Uncle Sam has done away with my baby's pretty hair as of this morning. We sent him to Texas for bootcamp this morning with hugs and smiles. The tears came later - did you think I was made of stone?Darn kid was as excited as if he were going to summer camp. Poor SGF/DDILTB is left at home to pine for him. Isn't she pretty? We love her.
This is what happens when Mo mugs for himself. Messy - Just like the basement that I've spent the day cleaning when I could have been moping and knitting. The longer I cleaned the gladder I was that he was gone because I might have strangled him if he was home.
On a happier note the Little league baseball team from Warner Robins, Ga won the LLWS against Japan. All I've got to say is that for two years running we've gotten some payback for that damn Kudzu that's taking over the south. And my Vols play California on Saturday. Now I'm going to go console myself ; chocolate or alcohol? Maybe a chocolate martini? MMMM decisions.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Knitting sweaters in 100+ degree heat in Atlanta - Are you insane? Why yes, Apparently I am since I am guilty of casting on not one but three new projects today, two of which are sweaters and the other is Booga 3.0. We are enjoying our third week of no rain plus 100 degree temps here in the ATL. There is nothing quite like summer in the South. I've been trying to spend a little time each day vegging in the pool cuz that's what it's for and where else can I beat the heat and get skin cancer at the same time? I might have overdone it a bit today though. I'm thinking that the red glow behind me is not taillights. Anyway this is the status of works already in progress. One completed camo sock - the other about half done. Two completed baby camo sox - cause they're cute and quick. Love me some instant gratification. Booga 2.0 complete except for attaching the strap. I did this one with Paton's SWS. That yarn LOVES to be felted. A little too much, thus Booga 3. This is also in SWS but I'm modifying the pattern to obtain a more useful finished size.

And here is Abby trying to look innocent after absconding with a bit of yarn. I'm not buying it.

Friday, August 17, 2007


I was reading about SAFF before bed a couple of nights ago and apparently this produced some very strange dreams. I dreamt that I arrived at SAFF to find it a combination fibre arts fair/ county fair complete with live animals and such. I then found myself ( along with a number of other people) being pressured to wear a purple geisha-like get-up and go on a quest for sheep hidden on the premises. So I proceed to mince about the fair on my too-small geisha feet looking for sheep. I giggle evilly at my fellow contestants who mistakenly snatch up goats. I finally locate one little sheep under the bleachers ( think under the stands at Quidditch - HP 1 & 2) and try to sneak up and capture it. Enter a coworker who I find particularly annoying who begins to talk incessantly and loudly about how unkind it is to the sheep and how much better it is at her fair blah blah blah. ( This is actually what I hear when she talks at work) So then I am torn between committing murder or grabbing my sheep and running for the finish line where I am positive grand prizes in the form of yarn await. And then my two cats discovered that they were sleeping in close proximity to each other and decided to have a hissing spitting match to see who got to sleep with Mama and I woke up. I don't usually remember my dreams but this one was so entertaining that I'd like to have it again so I can see how it ends. Did I win the yarn? Did I strangle my coworker? Did I get the YARN?

Lifehouse's Everything

This is incredible

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Too blinking hot

It is 9:30 PM and I just looked at the thermometer as I was waiting for the dog to have his evening constitutional. See ? Big word and it sounds lots better than - well , what he was actually doing. But dudes - it was 90 degrees! When I walked out of work at 7:30 and got in my car the thermometer said 95. And this was in a covered parking deck. It felt like walking into an oven. I guess with the relatively mild summer we've had so far we've turned into a bunch of weenies. Still - 90 degrees! It was a crazy day at work - 11 kids in 12 hours - obviously someone was slacking off one of those hours ( probably me - hee) but overall not a bad day. Lots of little annoyances - no big disasters. There has been no knitting accomplished for 2 days however. Heck there was no lunch accomplished today unless you count inhaling cafeteria food in between episodes of poking my hand in strangers' nether regions. Said hand was washed numerous times, both before and after touching the cafeteria food if that makes you feel better. I leave you with a sad alpaca waiting to be invited to Ravelry. It looks like so much fun - I want to play too.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


I've just finished playing Harry Potter trivia with Mo & his SGF ( and winning.) So now they are mad and I'm back in the office to blog a little.
Just a quick post before I head off to bed. It's been a busy week as usual. On the work front - we set a new record number of deliveries for the month. 226! That's a whole lot of new citizens for a little county hospital. We is tired. On the home front - it is back to school next week. I think I hate it almost as much as Larry. Only three more years. I'm gonna need a new countdown timer in the sidebar. Also on the home front is the view from my back deck. Look at the doe and her triplets. We see deer several times a week but three fawns at once is new. So I take pictures - cause I'm a dork that way. I've been industriously ignoring the house falling down around me and the clutter accumulating as I knit on the camo socks. I'm swatching for the baby surprise sweater and if I actually manage to follow the pattern ( there is some serious doubt on this one) then my Brenna girl will get a cool sweater made by her loving Aunt Kel. Which will piss Cayla off and I'll be knitting sweaters til my fingers fall off. Sigh.