Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Capitalism, Casey Anthony, and other conundrums

I recognize that there has been much brouhaha regarding the Casey Anthony trial and justice or lack thereof being served. I did not closely follow the trial but feel certain that little Kaylee is much better off where she is than in the care of the individual who purports to be a mother. That said, Casey Anthony will be free very soon. If you feel that justice was NOT served then the best way to punish Ms. Anthony is to give her no further attention or reward. Do NOT buy her book (there will be one - we all know it). Do NOT watch made-for-TV movies about the case.(there will be those too) Do NOT allow her to profit from the short life and miserable death of her child. Capitalism at work people! Just as our country enforces trade embargoes on countries whose policies we disagree with, we must state categorically with our wallets that some behaviors are unacceptable. Stepping lightly off my soapbox now.

On to a completely unrelated topic. I went to Home Depot today to have a hissy fit about an incredibly shoddy (and expensive) product that the sweet hubby purchased. No, he didn't know that it would turn out so badly, and, no he didn't listen when I told him to buy something else to begin with. His lesson was learned. I didn't even have to say "I told you to buy... to start with". Anyway, two junior flunkies and one assistant manager later and I walked out of the store with my dollars, and a very red face. Now, you have to realize that I try to be friendly and smile at people except when I'm being grumpy and surly and today was a happy day. I smiled at the other ladies at the returns counter. And I got asked out. On a date. By a woman. Never had that happen before! Come to think of it, I haven't been hit on by a guy in quite a while either. Must be the wedding band that they find off-putting. Or the big fuzzy guy following me. At any rate - I was floored. I managed to decline politely explaining that I was flattered but in a relationship already. Then I left. Quickly. I'll be shopping at Lowe's for a while I think.