Friday, February 29, 2008

Scarf model

Here is a pic of one of my favoritest scarf models ever. Brenna is demonstrating the casual way to wear the SWS scarf in the geranium colorway. Note that it is long enough to choke her daddy with if necessary. Pattern is the " Oh crap she's leaving Tuesday" garter stitch on size 9(US) needles.

And here is the rest of the family modeling snow garb in "Codorado"

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yarn Pron

Yes that is deliberately misspelled so there aren't a bunch of perverts looking at the yarn I scored on EBAY the other day. I am very pleased with it and now if my new Addi turbos will hurry up and get to me I can attempt some Magic loop sock knitting.

And here are some pics the AH took of the eclipse the other night.

And finally ,here is a "Before" shot of my kitchen. The remodel begins soon and hopefully I'll remember to take pics as we go so you can enjoy this endeavor with me. I have a peculiar sense of dread and anticipation about this project. I really just wish I could go away for a week and come home to find it complete. Right - fat chance. Have a good week.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Well I feel like a moron. I'm sitting here in my office on a gorgeous Monday afternoon, looking out the window, and waiting for the mailman to come. Guess what? He ain't comin. It's a stinking holiday. And I WANT the yarn I scored on EBAY last week. Note that I didn't link to it. I'm hogging it all to myself. Tis mine - all mine. So now I am sad. Damn dead Presidents.
>Here's an in progress shot of the "george" socks. I've actually turned the heel but haven't gotten around to more photos. George is on temporary hold while I frantically try to complete a scarf for my precious Brenna. She is going visiting in Colorado and needs something to keep her darling neck warm and to remind her that Aunt Kel is a complete sucker for her big blue eyes. Thank goodness that Cayla's hat still fits or I'd be up all night. Thanks Jose` for the assist yesterday. That patient kept giving me such a quizzical look every time you called me Ramon. And that FOB was HOT! Yummy.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Deer stalker

So,I'm coming home from working out and some of you know my history with deer; I turn into my driveway and I slam on the brakes. Why? you ask. Because there are three, THREE deer standing in my drive looking at me. And they nonchalantly stroll off into the front yard allowing me to slowly, cautiously creep forward to hide my little car in the garage. Is it paranoid to think that the deer were stalking me? Note to those who aren't aware of my deer history. I have ( in the last 7 years) committed 4 deer murders with my vehicles. Also 2 Honda's and a Dodge but that's beside the point - None of these incidents were my fault, honest. These deer looked as if they had an axe to grind and I'm just happy to have escaped the wrath of Bambi's mom. Happy Thursday and deer? Slightly bruised apples have been placed in the back yard for your consumption. Peace.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Electile Dysfunction

I have received three phone calls from individuals campaigning for Mitt Romney today and I am disturbed. Not just because I have fielded three stupid phone calls but that this one candidate is this worried about my solitary vote. If I had intended to vote for him originally I would have changed my mind because three calls speaks to desperation in my mind. That and a unique ability to annoy. Two qualities I DON'T find desirable in a President? Desperate & Annoying. So, one candidate scratched; how many more to go?