Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That's all

Am I the only one who hates to turn on the TV anymore? Between the political ads, the news coverage of the gas shortage in Georgia, and the talking heads spouting off about the economy, I am pretty sick of TV altogether. My iPod and I are logging some serious time together these days. I am happy to see new episodes of my favorite shows and with DVR I can skip those ugly commercials and just drool over David Boreanez in uninterrupted fashion. Life is good.
The political scene is ugly however. I have purposefully chosen not to be specific about my political opinions or beliefs in this forum. If you know me - you know what they are. My stance here is knit and let knit. Just because you like to knit cables and I don't doesn't make me a bad person or you a good one. We're just different and it takes all of us to make this spinning wheel spin.
With the election looming, I will say this. I truly wish a candidate would emerge that would cause all of us to smack ourselves in the forehead and say " Oh, Of course! THAT's who we need as president." Since it appears that That ain't gonna happen - I'll just say that I am afraid. Very afraid of the direction in which this country is going. And in the words of my hero, Forrest Gump. "That's all I have to say about that."

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home again

What a great week in the sunshine but I am soooo glad to be home. I have so much that I want to blog about and no idea where to begin. I am studiously avoiding watching any more of the Tennessee/Florida game since it is quite depressing here at half-time. So, I have elected to write instead. I guess since this is supposedly a knitting blog I'll start with the fact that Knit Wits was open in Key West for the first time ever in all my years of visiting there. Have I mentioned that they close in honor of hurricane season and that is when I usually go there? Anyway - they were open and I was happy and celebrated with a lovely ball of Colinette jitterbug in gorgeous fall colors. Turns out this was my biggest purchase all week. Not a lot of knitting was accomplished this week though I did make some headway on the baby surprise jacket. Look at how lovely the only yarn shop in the keys is.

I finished reading Rhett Butler's people and was pleasantly surprised by it. The other book on my vacation reading list " Where the river ends" by Charles Martin is about 2/3 finished and I am having trouble putting it down. It has made me laugh and cry so it passes the test of " good book "
Other than reading and a precious little knitting - I did virtually nothing all week but enjoy the gorgeous weather and try to capture a little of the beauty that is the Caribbean to share with all of you. It is without a doubt my favourite place on the planet and has only 2 faults that I'm aware of. A dearth of yarn stores and the dreaded hurricane season.

I hope you have all had a wonderful week. One more day to catch up all the laundry and housework then... Back to work. Sigh.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Only one more day of work and then I am leaving for one of my favourite places on the planet. Key West! Until then I am cleaning and packing and moving furniture in the basement to make way for the movers to collect the kids' stuff as soon as I come back. Whew. And since I have to take knitting projects with me I have to decide - the Baby surprise jacket or the toe up socks with a difference or both since I might get bored ( Never happen) And I have to round up books - I think I'm going with "Rhett Butler's people" and the new Charles Martin. yes Bit you can read them when I'm done. All this for 5 days of sunshine you ask? Why yes - There are airports and sitting and waiting involved here and I have ADHD if I'm not occupied. I just finished Twilight and am a little disappointed after all the hype about it being the next Harry Potter. Let me state for the record - Harry kicks Edward's butt. It took 400 pages for Twilight to gain any momentum and then it petered right out again. I won't be shelling out for the sequels. If I want vampires I'll watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns. OOh - just remembered - have to find & charge the iPod, ooh, and the camera. Gotta go. Bye.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweet relief

Well, my first baby is a married man now. I guess that this is the culmination of all the years spent raising him. He is all grown up. A man capable of loving and being loved. Determined to make his own family and take care of it. But I've got to tell you - It is a relief that the wedding is over with. It was short and sweet and exactly what they wanted with almost everyone they wanted in attendance. Particularly cool was the flyby of a Huey helicopter. Not planned but a nice addition to an Air Force wedding. Here are some pics to tide folks over until the official ones are ready.