Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Don't you just hate it when one selfish person manages to screw up the day for everybody? Such was my lot at work today and I am just tickled pick to have been offered another option that promises more filthy lucre and a guarantee of same for the next 2 months. I will stir the pot some more tomorrow and maybe buy lottery tickets. Hey, it could happen! Nothing much else that's blogworthy so if Blogger will cooperate I'll dump a bunch of pictures in to share as we have a new camera. AH thinks he got it for his birthday but I've been sneaking about and playing with it while he sleeps. Shhh. Don't rat me out.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Here is my sweet Jenny expressing her opinion of today's weather. She has had great fun watching the outside kitties try to escape the horrible blizzard that has befallen Atlanta. That's right folks - Storm watch '08 has happened. This is what it looks like.

At least Larry has the proper handknits to wear even if the hat is the WRONG color. Orange sheep are notoriously hard to find and even more difficult to catch & shear I'm told. However, because I'm a loving and determined mom I would have made my baby a proper orange hat so that all would know the wonder that is Volunteers footsball. My child. The fruit of my loins ( snigger) is a uga fan. God help us all.

At least the dog's baby is well behaved and loving although obviously very confused.

Speaking of babies - Congratulations to Kendra & hubby on adopting Christian born Monday. He will be suitably attired in handknits as soon as possible. You have to start them early to prevent later fibre rebellion or poor color choices as the case may be. Here is some eye candy to end the post with. The little speck to the right of the sun is a red-tailed hawk who has decided to live in the back yard with his wife & their friends. I'm calling thme Fred & Wilma and Barney & Betty.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Once I had a little friend and I hugged him and petted him and squeezed him and called him George. This is George
George will soon be my new WIP. I can't decide if he will be socks or gloves but he will be becoming whatever he is.
I have recently had requests for pics of Mo & DDILTB so here they are. Aren't they a cute couple?

It has been a typical week for me. Nothing too exciting although I did run a special on delivering twins last Wednesday. ( Much to Jose's chagrin) I made it up to her by preventing her from committing a murder although it was warranted. ( She needed killin!) Let's just say that if natural selection worked, some people would not exist for they are surely to stupid to survive. Happy Birthday to my darling Tricia ( Jan 11th) and love and warm fuzzies to Lori who has hit a rough patch lately. I'm off to find something to kill for dinner.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"The" ring

For those who want to see the ring but weren't around to do so in the brief span of time that Mo was home - here is a pic. No Mo isn't wearing the ring but since Elly Mae is attatched to his hip we don't get to see her much without the boy, No Elly Mae= no pretty ring to look at. I think the boy did good. Tentative wedding date is Labor day 08. Those who need specifics will get them as they trickle in to me. Happy New Year and yikes - I have to work tomorrow. No more blog - must sleep now.