Saturday, August 23, 2008


Because I just know you want to see him as much as I do. Here are a few pics of Mo when we went to visit this week.

Eight months is a long time to not hug your baby. Can't wait til he's home next week.
The Francie socks went to Texas with us but never made it out of the bag. The marathon 16 hour drive home in the dark ( mostly) was just not conducive to knitting with tiny needles and following a pattern. Go figure. All that is left is 1 toe and they will be ready to be washed and put away for holiday giftiness. Here is how they came out. I'm pretty pleased.

The trek home in Mo's car made us realize that his vehicle was unlikely to survive the drive to N.Dakota where he will be living much less three years of snow and salt and whatever else is in East BF so we have been truck shopping again. Yeah boy that was a run-on sentence. Ask me if I care. I am tired. Tired of riding in cars, tired of looking at cars, tired of thinking about cars. I am going to go study the inside of my eyelids until I am not tired anymore.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Snake patrol

Remember when I said a week or two ago that we hadn't seen any copperheads this year? Well, it seems they just waited an extra week so that I would get all complacent. I let Beau out for his evening constitutional -( and I promise he is every bit as capable of constituting as any politician) and he was reluctant to descend the stairs to the back garden. I looked and spotted THIS attempting to make it's escape. Boogie and his trusty shovel took care of the evil beast while I stood on the steps giving instructions.

A further search of the yard found a companion who also met a quick demise.

Both of these critters were full grown and over three feet long and just as nasty as they look. So I guess we will be on snake patrol every night until the weather gets cooler. Damn. Like I need something else to do. Sorry, Brittany. You're not going to convince me that these things are good for anything so don't waste your breath. Your happy little tadpole eating snakes are fine. The only good copperhead is a dead one.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Life at Chez Feline is rarely boring but this week has been a bit stingy with blog fodder. Larry is back in school. The summer has just flown by. It's just too hot to have to sit in school. How is it that folks my age attended school from Labor day til Memorial day and are better educated than our kids who attend from August til June?

Here is a pic of the wedding venue. Only three more weeks til the big day.

In a fit of domesticity I cooked a country dinner this week.

It's a dog's life. Geez.