Friday, August 17, 2007


I was reading about SAFF before bed a couple of nights ago and apparently this produced some very strange dreams. I dreamt that I arrived at SAFF to find it a combination fibre arts fair/ county fair complete with live animals and such. I then found myself ( along with a number of other people) being pressured to wear a purple geisha-like get-up and go on a quest for sheep hidden on the premises. So I proceed to mince about the fair on my too-small geisha feet looking for sheep. I giggle evilly at my fellow contestants who mistakenly snatch up goats. I finally locate one little sheep under the bleachers ( think under the stands at Quidditch - HP 1 & 2) and try to sneak up and capture it. Enter a coworker who I find particularly annoying who begins to talk incessantly and loudly about how unkind it is to the sheep and how much better it is at her fair blah blah blah. ( This is actually what I hear when she talks at work) So then I am torn between committing murder or grabbing my sheep and running for the finish line where I am positive grand prizes in the form of yarn await. And then my two cats discovered that they were sleeping in close proximity to each other and decided to have a hissing spitting match to see who got to sleep with Mama and I woke up. I don't usually remember my dreams but this one was so entertaining that I'd like to have it again so I can see how it ends. Did I win the yarn? Did I strangle my coworker? Did I get the YARN?


theyarnwhisperer said...

I had a dream that Elizabeth was driving my van and she drove it into a lake and we all had to jump out before the van got too far under the water.
Hmmmmmm. Would that loud abnoxious person's first name have anything to do with my favorite place to eat and where my boyfriend and namesake Jose works?

theyarnwhisperer said...

Oh. I made my polymer clay sock blocker. I need to make it thicker next time. Its ok, but a bit on the flimsy side.

theyarnwhisperer said...

So,I signed up for a spot via Knitch to see Steph McPhee. What say we make a grand event of it, meet at Southlake, dine on salad and breadstick at the Garden of the Olives and go see the yarn harlot?
p.s. I got your birthday present. I like it and am currently trying to convince myself to actually give it to you and not keep it for my own selfish purposes.

jenifleur said...

It's exactly like that at SAFF, except we don't have prizes. On the up side, we don't have annoying co-workers, either! This year we've decided to go in tiaras and sashes instead of geisha outfits, though. You can totally mince in a tiara. I plan to.