Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Knitting sweaters in 100+ degree heat in Atlanta - Are you insane? Why yes, Apparently I am since I am guilty of casting on not one but three new projects today, two of which are sweaters and the other is Booga 3.0. We are enjoying our third week of no rain plus 100 degree temps here in the ATL. There is nothing quite like summer in the South. I've been trying to spend a little time each day vegging in the pool cuz that's what it's for and where else can I beat the heat and get skin cancer at the same time? I might have overdone it a bit today though. I'm thinking that the red glow behind me is not taillights. Anyway this is the status of works already in progress. One completed camo sock - the other about half done. Two completed baby camo sox - cause they're cute and quick. Love me some instant gratification. Booga 2.0 complete except for attaching the strap. I did this one with Paton's SWS. That yarn LOVES to be felted. A little too much, thus Booga 3. This is also in SWS but I'm modifying the pattern to obtain a more useful finished size.

And here is Abby trying to look innocent after absconding with a bit of yarn. I'm not buying it.


theyarnwhisperer said...

I love SWS. I bought a raspberry type color to eventually knit some socks for myself. I'm also working on a sweater for myself. No, really. I am actually knitting something for myself and I'm loving the colors and textures. It's striped and I may end up looking like a hippopotamus in it when I wear it, but I don't care.

Anonymous said...

love the sock! I didn't know you were so talented.
Must have come from eating all that corn on the farm!!!

Your Kuzin - Pam

Knit Witch said...

No kidding - it's TOO dang hot here in the ATL! I have to run the AC just so I can knit without the yarn sticking to my fingers!! You MUST be a nurse since you are sticking your fingers in "nether regions" AND you are a friend of Melissa, AND you knit, AND you have a cat. Ask me how I know....... :)

Nice to meet you! I'm adding your blog to my blog site!

~ Brittany

Knit Witch said...
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