Saturday, August 4, 2007


I've just finished playing Harry Potter trivia with Mo & his SGF ( and winning.) So now they are mad and I'm back in the office to blog a little.
Just a quick post before I head off to bed. It's been a busy week as usual. On the work front - we set a new record number of deliveries for the month. 226! That's a whole lot of new citizens for a little county hospital. We is tired. On the home front - it is back to school next week. I think I hate it almost as much as Larry. Only three more years. I'm gonna need a new countdown timer in the sidebar. Also on the home front is the view from my back deck. Look at the doe and her triplets. We see deer several times a week but three fawns at once is new. So I take pictures - cause I'm a dork that way. I've been industriously ignoring the house falling down around me and the clutter accumulating as I knit on the camo socks. I'm swatching for the baby surprise sweater and if I actually manage to follow the pattern ( there is some serious doubt on this one) then my Brenna girl will get a cool sweater made by her loving Aunt Kel. Which will piss Cayla off and I'll be knitting sweaters til my fingers fall off. Sigh.

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