Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A trip to the bank

I went to the bank this morning. A very ordinary errand on a regular day. After I stopped my car at the drive-thru and placed my signed check and deposit slip in the pneumatic tube, a pleasant voice asked me how could- insert large national bank here -help me today. Did they not see the signed check and deposit slip? Did they think I wanted to pick up my dry-cleaning? Or that I wanted an order of fries with that deposit?
I am left with many more questions. Is common sense such a rare thing? Should I leave my hard-earned dollars in a place where they hire such utter idiots? Or, should I keep it in my sock drawer where I am reasonable sure it would be safe from everything but the cat who is unusually fascinated by socks.
Before I pulled away the very genial teller asked me again how "Big Bank" could help me. I hesitated, wanting to ask for a shake with my fries, but in the end said "No, thank you" like Mother taught me before driving off, shaking my head. Sigh.

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