Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here we go again.

It appears that it has been a little less than forever since I last posted, so we'll see if anyone is still interested. My excuse for the long absence is that I was completing my Bachelor's degree. All done now - thanks be to God. Since I was spending inordinate amounts of time writing papers and otherwise completing assignments on the computer and also have an unhealthy addiction to Facebook - something had to go. It was the blog. I sure wasn't going to give up knitting or goofing off. And I do have a house and family and critters and a full-time job to maintain. So, that being said - I'm BACK! (Just imagine the whole Jack Nicholson crazy eyes and intonation - K? K.)
Since the snow and ice in the ATL has been beaten to death by newscasters everywhere - I will give you pics of the yard (taken this morning when I finally saw it after 3 days of house arrest at the hospital) Enjoy. Postings will continue to be created on a whim and with absolutely no rhyme or reason.

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