Saturday, August 23, 2008


Because I just know you want to see him as much as I do. Here are a few pics of Mo when we went to visit this week.

Eight months is a long time to not hug your baby. Can't wait til he's home next week.
The Francie socks went to Texas with us but never made it out of the bag. The marathon 16 hour drive home in the dark ( mostly) was just not conducive to knitting with tiny needles and following a pattern. Go figure. All that is left is 1 toe and they will be ready to be washed and put away for holiday giftiness. Here is how they came out. I'm pretty pleased.

The trek home in Mo's car made us realize that his vehicle was unlikely to survive the drive to N.Dakota where he will be living much less three years of snow and salt and whatever else is in East BF so we have been truck shopping again. Yeah boy that was a run-on sentence. Ask me if I care. I am tired. Tired of riding in cars, tired of looking at cars, tired of thinking about cars. I am going to go study the inside of my eyelids until I am not tired anymore.

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Quiltgrany said...

I know the feeling you described of not holding your baby for that long. My baby is in Iraq on his 2nd tour and is due back in October! I have not seen him since May 07 and I was in ICU at the time so it seems foggy and a dream. I can not wait to see him home again and wrap my arms around him and count his fingers and toes - just like we did when they were born! :o) Congrats on his wedding too.

A fellow Henry county knitter (Stockbridge).