Sunday, April 27, 2008

I don't like

Sing this with me : To the tune of " Rock the Casbah"
I re-a-lly don't like it
I hate to clean the cat box ,clean the cat box

But the cat box is now clean and I can sing something else for the rest of the week. Perhaps " Irreplaceable" by Beyonce. Eartha? will you sing with me again? The sleep deprivation associated with this weekend has left me punchy so if this post makes no sense - Go read someone else's blog - someone coherent.

I also don't like grout. AH and I have attempted any number of home improvement ventures in our almost 20 years of marriage. In addition to drywall which has a similar " grit" factor, Grout is one of my new Least Favorites.
And now - gasp - Knitting content. There has been precious little time this week for knitting but with new episodes of lots of my favorite TV shows, I will be plunking my heiney on the divan to knit and gape mindlessly at the telly. Some progress has been made on the comfort socks - no recipient yet, put your shoes sizes in the comments maybe I'll come up with a contest. I like the Berroco comort sock yarn but it is a bit splitty. Really nice stitch definition and soft when worked though. The big wool shrug is about 1/3 done but will not be pictured here - the recipient is a reader. and finally the shibui socks have a toe which Teddy will model as soon as I can find him. My computer monitor blew a gasket a while back and was shipped off for repair. Hope Teddy is not in the box. AH swiped Larry's monitor so that I wouldn't suffer withdrawal from lack of interwebs. All this so I can bring you this drivel. Aren't you glad you came? Come back soon - it will get better. I promise. Maybe. Bye.

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theyarnwhisperer said...

I am about to undergo the chaotic and hazardous environment of the Rock starting tomorrow. Then I have the mandatory credentialing Tuesday to be followed by more Rock on Wednesday.
I've been working hard on my second log cabin sock. I've probably lost my mind, but if I can finish it this week I may send it off to Pittsburgh for that man whom I might or might not be the legal guardian for. I have this thing about knitting socks for advesaries, obviously.
We went to the car show today. Remind me to never ever bring my children to that again. Aside from the insanely expensive cars, my kids liked the Pontiac vibe and of course the beetle bug. Pontiac was better than I was expecting and I do love a beetle bug. I offered up all sorts of sexual favors if Steven would get me one. He wouldn't go for it. Hmmmph.
I did sit in a Murano because you know I love thos expensive/gas guzzling cars. *sigh*. There was a toyota highlander that was pretty damn sweet to. I sat in a mini cooper (it was my first time ever) and that was pretty sweet as well. I left that place longing for some new wheels to carry me back and forth to the Rock. The Rave is still running well, though, and I need to stay faithful to her until she takes her last breath.
Oh, there's a cute free sock download on Ravelry but the title is escaping me at the moment. If it comes back to me, I'll let you know so you can look it up.